Alexandra Timpau

Architectural Photographer


«Architecture is a way to understand how a culture negotiates its values.»

«Architecture is a way to understand how a culture negotiates its values.»

«Architecture is a way to understand how a culture negotiates its values.»

«Architecture is a way to understand how a culture negotiates its values.»

«Architecture is a way to understand how a culture negotiates its values.»

Please, introduce yourself…

I have been playing with cameras ever since I dropped my grandfather's Smena on the pavement at a very young age, and have been hypnotised by architecture for almost as long. I studied architecture in Romania and have been living in Prague, Czech Republic for almost ten years now. So, I guess being “in between” is my natural state.

How did you find your way into the field of Architecture and Photography?

I've always been flirting with photography and architectural representation, in general, even during my student years.

I finally decided to pursue architectural photography as a stand alone practice when I realized that both my love for architecture and my interest in photography could blend very well. Ever since then I have been working on commission work or have been photographing famous or forgotten buildings and trying to bring a new view on both.

What does your working space look like? 

My "desk" is a small room where I edit my photos, but most of the time I spend photographing I'm just circling and scanning the building I'm shooting, in a somewhat continuous planned motion. This is a sketch of my desk.

Working Space Alexandra Timpau
Working Space Alexandra Timpau

What is the essence of architecture for you personally?

The more I travel, the more I feel that the built environment and architecture - as part of it - is a very good illustration of how a society works. It is a way to understand how a culture negotiates its values.

Sometimes it's a story of strong contrast, inequality, power, control, nostalgia and sometimes it's one of being humble and open. So for me architecture now is a reflection of ourselves and how we decide to relate to each other 

Selected Works
Selected Works

Who are your role models?

I look up to many architects and architectural photographers but I generally get inspired by visual artists the most. I feel that they are free to explore any field of knowledge and expression through their work, and therefore managing to shift our perspective on the world. People like Charlotte Posenenske, Agnes Martin, Olafur Eliasson, etc.


Nová Ruda
Vratislavice nad Nisou

This is a photo series of a kindergarten project designed by Petr Stolin and Alena Micekova. 

The building appeared between a few houses and trees as we were driving up to it and from first glance I knew it was going to be one of those days that I get completely immersed in photography. And so it was.
I feel that although the sun was hidden, the building looks like it’s shining from within, even during a cold November morning.

I always try and include the context that the building is placed in and the people that make it live, so here the forest became a frame for the small inhabitants and their new school.

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Interview: kntxtr, 03/2020