kntxtr is a digital format spinning around architecture. Since 2017 – when the project started as a sole Instagram account – the profile turned into a global platform for anyone interested in topics touching the field of architecture. kntxtr enables its community to pose questions to peers in a safe and as threshold-free as possible space concerning matters ranging from working conditions and pay, over gender equality to the meaning and definition of the profession

Your contribution to new forms of exchange, interaction and publishing in architecture is crucial to keep kntxtr going!

We are working on kntxtr first and foremost because we think it is time for new formats and exchange in our field. However, all this is only possible in the long term if we manage to create a financially sustainable structure that can pay the work of everyone involved in kntxtr.

To be more precise: To be able to create content and further, to ask others to contribute, we need the support of our readers and followers. We don’t want to be part of exploitative practices, we want to be part of the change.