Florence Vesval

Architectural Photographer


«Architecture is light enhanced by matter.»

«Architecture is light enhanced by matter.»

«Architecture is light enhanced by matter.»

«Architecture is light enhanced by matter.»

«Architecture is light enhanced by matter.»

Please, introduce yourself…

I worked as an architect for about 10 years but I now work exclusively as an architectural photographer.

Long before that, I guess it all started when I was gifted a camera at around 10 years old. I was also quite lucky to have access to my high school’s dark room and experiment film there. So photography has always been my passion even though I went on to study architecture.

How did you find your way into the field of Architecture and Photography?

Studying architecture felt natural to me because of the diversity of the fields it combined : it satisfied my curiosity.

I remember one of our teachers warning us the first year : once you start studying architecture, there’s no turning back : your eye will be trained to see space differently, you won’t experience the city in the same way. I have to say it’s rather true. It definitely trained my eye.

And later on, throughout the years of working as an architect, photography was always there, as evidence of a project’s evolution : from models to work site.

What does your working space look like? 

It’s rather minimal. The funny thing about the desk being that I drove about 5 hours and back to get it in the middle of Dordogne, but it’s really perfect! I also sit on a ball rather than a chair when I’m editing to avoid back pains and too much stillness. 

Working Space Florence Vesval
Working Space Florence Vesval

For you personally, what is the essence of architecture?

Definitely light and matter. I find that architecture is really about shaping light. In my view, sculptures are matter made to be enhanced by light, whereas architecture is light enhanced by matter. It’s solid vs void.

This is why my approach is based on natural light, on seeking subtle variations of light within a project and making them seen.


Cour & Jardin

This series is personal work of a building I worked on as an architect for Atelier Fernandez & Serres. Knowing the building from an architectural point of view, I had to let go of my preconceptions. I focused instead on my feeling of the space, the views moving towards the building and its relationship to light, from early morning to sunset. Like a little journey of itself.

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Interview: kntxtr, 01/2019