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«I always pursue to design visible and clean layouts.»

«I always pursue to design visible and clean layouts.»

«I always pursue to design visible and clean layouts.»

«I always pursue to design visible and clean layouts.»

«I always pursue to design visible and clean layouts.»

Please, introduce yourself and your Studio…

I did my architectural studies in Pécs. I gained experience at prominent architecture officies in Budapest in the likes of sporaarchitects, Földes Architects, and SAGRA Architects. For me architecture is interpreted as the meeting point of art and engineering. I have been striving to participate in more and more architectural competitions – these are often collaborations with other young architects in a bid to create a common intellectual property.  My aim is that each of my projects is considered as a recognized part of contemporary architecture, and each one is created rich in detail with functionality at the same time.

How did you find your way into the field of Architecture?

I have always been interested in Architecture, when I was a child I was like a visitor who was influenced by beautiful buildings. That is why I decided that I would study Architecture. During my studies I had chance to be close to architecture in an art and engineering profession. From that point on it wasn't an question whether to be an architect.

What comes to your mind, when you think about your diploma projects?

My master’s diploma project was the Balokany bath reconstruction which is a very fond memory for me. The Balokany bath used to be one of the most famous baths in Pécs but unfortunately a long time ago it closed its front door to visitors. Because I did my high school and university studies in Pécs, I was always interested in the concept of how this building could be reconstructed and given back to the citizens of Pécs.

Diploma Project – the Balokany Bath
Diploma Project – the Balokany Bath

How would you characterize Budapest as location for practicing architecture? How is the context of this place influencing your work?

I consider that Budapest is a very inspiring city. The Architecture in Budapest is impressive, due to the fact that there are many talented Architecture firms which are based here. In the last few years Budapest has developed very fast and I think that the old buildings of the city fit well with the new contemporary buildings.

For you personally, what is the essence of architecture?

I always pursue to design visible and clean layouts. I really like geometric shapes and details, because that is what gives the essence to the building. 

Name a …

Book: Peter Zumthor-Buildings and Projects 1985-2013

Person: Peter Zumthor, Mary Duggan, Bernardo Bader, Valerio Olgiati

Building: Peter Zumthor – Therme Vals, Steilneset Memorial
Barozzi Veiga – Bündner Kunstmuseum, H Arquitectes – House 1101, Valerio Olgiati – Villa Além

How do you communicate / present Architecture?

I present my own Architecture via sketches and renders and mock-ups.


3x3 House

My aim was to design a kind of modular building, which has a rectangle layout for a house. I have divided this layout into 3×3 sections of 4.5 meter length and 4.5 meter wide elements. Every element has its own function like a kitchen, living room, bedroom and so on. I have divided the load bearing walls in a grid pattern consistently on the ground floor.

Every structural element of the building is made from reinforced concrete. The four load bearing walls extend from the grid pattern, so as a result, these walls contain the vertical drains. The concrete roof has a skylight in the middle grid section in order to ensure that the interior gets enough decent natural light.

I have used reinforced concrete with a timber effect surface for outdoor and indoor materials. I have used wood materials next to the concrete in order to balance the hard surfaces which are made from concrete.


Website: https://gabor-kovacs.hu/
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Interview: kntxtr,kb, 05/2020