Pablo Casals Aguirre 

Photographer and Filmmaker


«Studying architecture showed me the way and let me obtain all the tools that I use today.»

«Studying architecture showed me the way and let me obtain all the tools that I use today.»

«Studying architecture showed me the way and let me obtain all the tools that I use today.»

Please, introduce yourself…?

Im an Architect of UNAB / Campus Creativo - Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago, Chile (2007). I divide my work in two main areas. Architecture Photography / Films and the Academy. 

I worked, with Edward Rojas (2003) in Chiloe Island, then in the disappeared URO1.ORG Architecture Studio (2005 Santiago) and at Felipe Assadi & Francisca Pulido Architects (2006-2009) were i participate in a great number of projects, mainly one family homes. Outstands the managment of the XVI Chilean Architecture Biennale (2008).

As an academic, im vinculated since 2004, working as an assistant teacher. I have done Workshops dedicated specially in Photography & Films in differents universities like : Campus Creativo UNAB, Finis Terrae University UFT, San Sebastian University USS, Diego Portales University UDP & Talca Architecture School / UTAL where I am working nowadays.

In 2010 i started my own Architect, Design and Visual Arts Studio, were i dedicated to develop different projects local and internationally. 
Within of my Photo & Audiovisual work, and within the framework of the exhibition White Mountain / 20 years of Chilean Contemporary Architecture i receive a distinction by archiworld.tv at the 5th Budapest Architecture Film Days, for best Landscape Architecture for Punta Pite ́s shortfilm.- I present this 13 shortfilms in various exhibitions at different Museums, Art Galleries and Film Festivals like : GAM in Santiago, the CENTEX in Valparaiso,The Uffizi Museum in Florence Italy, at the IUAV in Venice, at the Aedes Gallery in Berlin Germany, The London Design Festival Design Junction in England, at the Budapest Architecture Film Days in Hungary, at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Maxxi Museum in Rome, Gorizia (North of Italy) at InvisibleCities Multimedia Festival, Arquitecturas Film Festival in Lisboa, Architecture Player Public Sessions in Italy, at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale. Recently i was awarded in the Winnipeg's fifth annual Architecture + Design Film Festival in Canada. I has participated in the Milan Triennale twice and recently exhibited part of the series Blanca Montaña at ORIS House of Architecture (Croatia) within the framework of the Monomaterial Reformulation Landscape Manifesto. Festival of Architecture Cinema and in Amsterdam, NORMA SPACE in Prague, Festival Design days in Sopron, Hungary, Architektur Film Tage Basel.

 Kunstmuseum Basel  by Christ & Gantenbein, shot in October 2018 by Pablo Casals Aguirre

How did you find your way into the field of Architecture and Photography?

When I was a child, I usually accompanied my father to his construction projects. He was an amazing engineer. But he worked as an architect most of the time. He was very clever solving problems that other architects had. During that time at the age of six, I started drawing airplanes and buildings, I also built lego cities with my friends. I have rooms full with lego pieces and  finished constructions. Then I decided to study design, but I changed my mind and I started my educational studies in architecture instead. The university was a big massive lab where I put in practice all the things that I was thinking. I started there doing short clips of the models, with a small camera that only recorded ten seconds. There I discovered that the image was important to me as well as art and music. Studying architecture showed me the way and let me obtain all the tools that I use today.

What is the essence of architecture for youpersonally?

The essence of Architecture for me is in space and in the details. I think good architecture is the one capable to join simplicity and beauty.

What does your desk/working space look like? 

My Desktop is always a new location! in this case my Office is a Train.




1  Kunstmuseum Basel  by Christ & Gantenbein
2  Rolex Learning Center by Sanaa
3  Ofma Office by MAPAA Architects
4 Bellinzona Public Swimming Pool by Aurelio Galfetti Architect 
5 Salk Institute by Louis Kahn
6 Tierra Patagonia Hotel by Cazu Zegers
7 Pichilemu House by Moure Architects
8 Oruga House by Sebastian Irarrazaval
9 Chilean Kitchen by  No Architect
10 Public Library by Alberto Kalach
11 Venice, Italy
12 Apartment Building La Juliana by  ipiña+nieto architects
13 Presicion Factory by Guillermo Acuña Architects


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Interview: kntxtr, 06/2019