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«I was always fascinated by the places that have a strong atmosphere and presence.»

«I was always fascinated by the places that have a strong atmosphere and presence.»

Please, introduce yourself (and your office)?

We are two young Architects (Chloé Thomazo & Jeremy Germe) we are based in Paris and we are currently developing projects in France, Germany and Switzerland. We operate in the fields of architecture, urban planning and scenography.

How did you find your way into the field of Architecture (Design)?

Jeremy: I grew up in Munich, at the moment when Herzog & De Meuron were finishing the refurbishment of the Fünf Höfe. I remember my fascination for the simplicity with which they intervened in the existing buildings and how they managed to bring natural light in these former dark courtyards. This first architectural experiences convinced me to become an architect.

Chloé: I was always fascinated by the places that have a strong atmosphere and presence. I really like the idea that as architects we can create this kind of ambience. For example I love the German concept of Gemütlichkeit.

What comes to your mind, when you think about your diploma projects?

Our diploma project was about creating a hotel in the Parisian Chinatown. Situated in the Olympiades district build in the 70’s, this neighborhood is characterized by 8 high concrete towers.

We designed a vertical hotel with rooms in the middle of this towers landscape. The project is a reaction to this context: it is characterized by its transparency and slenderness.  Hidden under a hanging garden, the pedestal of the tower accommodates all the services of the hotel (a spa, a restaurant and conference rooms) connecting the project to his neighborhood.

This one-year work allowed us to specify our sensibility to certain problematic of the modern city. We have studied the rigid confrontation of urban scales and contexts, the reorganization and improvement of urban flows, the underground city as an extension of the aerial city. Since then, we continue to get involved in the requalification of derelict sites where architecture can embody the future of the metropolis.

What are your experiences founding Pseudonyme and working as a multi-disciplinary collective?

We created Pseudonyme in 2017 with the aim of grouping complementary skills. Our objective is to continue to acquire complementary partners in the coming years. This is precisely why we call ourselves Pseudonyme: the office is a protean structure whose expertise evolve according to each new project and opportunity.

How would you characterize Paris as a location for young, architects/designers, who want to start their own practice?

Paris is a place full of opportunity for young architects. There are many fascinating and creative places where to talk and learn about architecture such as the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, the Cité de l’Architecture and the Galerie de l’Architecture. The many events that are organized in these places always offer us the opportunity to meet young architects, designers and urban planners.

What does your working space look like?


What is the essence of architecture for you personally?

To create spaces where people live.

Your master of architecture?

A Book: Rem Koolhaas – S,M,L,XL

A Person: Christian Pottgiesser – German architect based in Paris who became famous for the Maison L. We are currently developing several projects with him.

A Building: Museum Unterlinden by Herzog & De Meuron

What has to change in the Architecture Industry?

The standing of young architects! Too often we have to justify our desire to do architecture. There is also the problem for young architects to get their first commissions when they only have few references…

How do you choose to present architecture?

For each project we have to find the perfect presentation support. Each time we explore what is the best way to present our idea to our client. We work with a lot of media such as video, collage, booklet, models…


The Circus Hotel

The Circus Hotel Berlin, is the first project that we completed in Germany, for us it’s a great achievement. After winning the competition organized by the Circus Hotel team in 2016 we had the opportunity to develop the project with a local engineer and a local metal work company. The construction was completed in October 2017.

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Interview: kntxtr, 03/2018