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Render Atelier


«We always strive to tell a story with our images.»

«We always strive to tell a story with our images.»

«We always strive to tell a story with our images.»

Please, introduce yourself…

hi, we’re falko and marten, we both work as architects and create architectural visualisations aka renderings under the name WENDEWING. we met ten years ago in hamburg, moved abroad, studied apart but stayed friends through this and finally started properly working together when we both ended up in berlin a few years ago.

How did you find your way into the field of architecture?

falko found his calling first through scribbling ‚architecture‘ onto the paper sets at his local italian resto at age 6 and was inspired again through architectural magazines after graduating from high school and living abroad.

marten grew up in a former gdr-platte and always asked himself why him and his friends all shared the exact same floor plan. after graduating from high school he didn’t dare to pursue studying art so he, inspired by falko, also began studying architecture.

What comes to your mind, when you think about your diploma projects?

though falko graduated in copenhagen and marten in berlin, we both worked with the subject of re-use and adapting instead of demolishing. interestingly we both experienced the same feedback of ‚love‘ and wanting-to-fail-you kinda ‚hate‘ from different people on the panel.

What are your experiences founding wendewing and being self-employed?

persistence and continuity pays off. you have to have endurance and don’t give up just because people aren’t immediately knocking down your door. working two jobs gave us the financial independence and a certain ease in the beginning.

How would you characterize Berlin as a location for architects who want to start their own practice? How is the context of this place influencing your work?

generally speaking berlin is an exciting and diverse city. there are so many crimes against architecture that one wonders if anything is being forgiven which is almost liberating. especially in regards to wendewing we find the city to be highly inspiring thanks to its inconsistencies. this contrast we always try to let flow into our visualisations. our use of colour is always playful almost picturesque. the content itself or the architecture on the other hand can be very serious or conceptual. 


What is the essence of architecture for you personally?

smug but still kinda relatable: veritas, utilitas und venustas

How do you choose to present architecture?

we always strive to tell a story with our images. the visual mediation of the design and the making visible of its content is the main focus at our studio.

our aim is to fill any space with life, lend character to the plans and create each illustration as an individual work of art. that’s why we always try to make our images look a little bit like realistic paintings.

What has to change in the architecture industry?

salaries and competition rules 


Heide & von Beckerath

these images we produced for one of our favorite berlin studios – heide&vonbeckerath. visually we tried to capture the essence of the design as well as the context of the site which for the moment is still a transitional area on a former industrial site in berlin charlottenburg.

Website: www.wendewing.de
Instagram: wendewingMarten, Falko
Pictures © wendewing
Interview: kntxtr, 05/2018